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1/4 DIN Size (96 x 96mm) Temperature / Process Controllers

SOLO  dual-output temperature / process controller

Single loop dual output temperature controller / process controller that can control
both heating and cooling simultaneously.


  • 1/4 DIN (96mm x 96mm)
  • Two 4 character 7-segment LED displays: Red for Process value (PV) and
    Green for Set Point (SV), F or C selectable
  • One 4-20mA analog output, one 11-15 VDC pulse output (40mA max)
  • Two 3A SPST alarm relays with seventeen available alarm types
  • Universal inputs include T/C, RTD and analog (0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA,
    0-50mV) plus two event inputs 
  • PID, ON/OFF and manual control plus 64-segment Ramp/Soak profile
  • Auto Tuning (AT) function with PID control
  • Standard RS-485 communications (Modbus ASCII and RTU)
  • Accepts 85-264 VAC operational power

quantity per package: 1

price per package : 156,00

price after currency correction : 155,69
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