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Mosaic Programming software for Tecomat PLCs

Mosaic IEC-61131-3 Program development environment.


  • Support of programming languages according to IEC 61131-3
    Structured Text (ST), Instruction List (IL), Ladder Diagram(LD) and Function Block Diagram (FBD)

  • IEC manager for graphic declaration of all elements of the PLC program
    Data types, variables, functional blocks and program units; possibility of declaration of user-specified libraries.

  • POU viewer
    A tool for PLC program debugging, monitoring and display of the status of selected variables, it allows the use of breakpoints.

  • PLC simulator
    Allows debugging of programs without the necessity of the connection of real hardware, all types of TECOMATPLCs can be simulated.

  • PanelMaker
    A tool for creation of the dialogs for operator panels ID-07, ID-08 and Foxtrot PLCs; the program for the panel is part of the program for the PLC.

  • PanelSim
    Operator panel simulator whuch allows testing of the dialogues created by PanelMaker without the necessity of the connection of a real panel, it works with both the real and simulated PLC.

  • PIDMaker
    A tool for debugging and design of PID controllers, it offers a view of the control course and facilitates a correct setting of the controller parameters and generates the program code. The simulation of simple systems till the third order with transmission delay is part of the tool.

  • GraphMaker 
    A tool for the support of debugging and diagnostics of the controlled system allows displaying of courses of selected variables offline and in real time. Two tracing cursors and the adjustable sampling period allow data storage on the memory card as well as the export to DB programs. Function of digital oscilloscope (16 channels) and logic analyser.

  • WebMaker
    Allows the creation of web pages for the built-in web server of the Foxtrot and TC700 PLCs.
    Gives worldwide access and control of the PLC using the Internet. Allowing the visualization of variables, setting of parameters and such.
    Unauthorized access is prohibited by the use of 10 security levels.

  • Libraries
    Motion control library, communication library, file system control library, library for sending and receiving SMS, control library, etc.

  • PLC software configuration 
    A configuration tool allowing selection of PLC type and definition of the actual system including parameter setting for particular modules. It also allows reading of the current configuration from the connected PLC.

  • PLC network definition
    This tool allows creating the connection among the PLCs within a project in a graphic form and defining of the connection of operator panels or external devices.

  • Project manager
    Comfortable project management, project archiving and backup.

  • On-line change of the PLC program
    The Mosaic development environment allows performing of on-line modifications of the PLC program without the necessity of control stop.
    The switching between the previous and the new program is very fast, typically less than a tenth of the time necessary for program processing.

  • Use the connection you prefer
    Mosaic can connect to the PLC using an Ethernet, USB, serial, modem or Wi-Fi connection.

The Mosaic Compact programming software allows the creating of PLC program for all Foxtrot and TC700 configurations without limitations.

quantity per package: 1

price per package : 660,00

price after currency correction : 660,00
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