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If your application requires the flexibility of a modular control system,
a DL205 PLC is the lowest cost, most versatile solution you'll find.
In fact, all you need to do is pick out a CPU card, plug it in the first slot
of the base you choose, and then mix and match various modules into
the available slots.

The DL205 features:

  • Four CPUs from 2.4 K memory with 256 I/O to 30.4 K memory with a total of 16,384 possible I/O
  • Four base sizes (with built-in power supply)
  • Local expansion I/O bases in all sizes, along with expansion modules
  • Selection of 35+ I/O and communications modules
  • AC/ DC discrete input/ output, up to 32 points, 10 Amp relay out
  • 12-bit and 16-bit analog I/O, Temperature inputs, Up to 16 PID loops with autotune
  • Data communications, including serial and Ethernet modules
  • Counter input/ pulse output
  • Servo connectivity
  • Remote I/O master and slave, Ethernet and serial-based