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Loop powered RTD input signal conditioner

The FC-R1 is a DIN rail mount, Resistive Temperature Detector, non-isolated signal conditioner. It converts a 3-wire RTD input to a linearized 4-20mA loop.

The FC-R1 has a user selectable, Cu10 (10 Ohm copper), Pt100 (100 Ohm platinum), Pt1000 (1000 Ohm platinum) RTD input, but also has OFFSET (zero) and SPAN (full scale) adjustments of the output signal. The OFFSET and SPAN have an adjustment range of ± 2% of full scale input.

The FC-R1 field configurable input signal conditioner is useful for interfacing RTD sensors to our PLC analog current input modules. Use shielded RTD's whenever possible to minimize noise on the input signal.



Isolated signal conditioner, RTD (Pt100, Pt1000, Cu10) input, 4-20mA output, 24VDC powered

Specifications of the FC-R1 signal conditioner:

  • DIN rail or side mount
  • 3-wire RTD to linearized 4-20mA current loop
  • User selectable input: CU10 (10 Ohm copper), PTt00 (100 Ohm platinum), Pt1000 (1000 Ohm platimum)
  • Maximum inaccuracy: 0.35% - CU10, 0.2% FSO @ 25ºC Pt100 / Pt100, 0.26% FSO @ 60ºC - Pt100 / Pt100
  • Linearity error: 0.35% FSO - CU10, 0.2% FSO - Pt100 / PTt000
  • Stability: 0.05% FSO maximum
  • OFFSET (zero) and SPAN (full scale) adjustments of the output signal
  • OFFSET adjustment range: 0 to 25% of full scale output
  • SPAN adjustment range: 80% to 102%


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