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DeviceNet Base Controller for Terminator I/O

A Terminator Field I/O system is made up of the following components: 1 or more power supplies (depending on your power budget), a network interface module (Base Controller), and I/O modules.

Terminator I/O supports up to 16 I/O modules per node (network interface module). Multiple nodes can be connected to a master (PLC or PC).


We offer the T1K-DEVNETS (slave) module, which allows our Terminator I/O subsystem to be linked with a DeviceNET master controller.

DeviceNET is a lowcost control network that provides a common method to connect on a single network. This advanced communications media and software is referred to as DeviceNET and significantly reduces hardwiring costs. DeviceNET provides specifications for information exchanged between nodes, such as controller data associated with low-level devices and configuration parameters individually related to system operations.



DeviceNet slave interface module

Specifications of the T1K-DEVNETS:

  • DeviceNet compatibility: Predefined Group 2 master/slave communications
  • Maximum field devices per bus: 64
  • Maximum I/O points per T1K-DEVNETS: 1024 input bits / 1024 output bits (both discrete or analog)
  • RS232C serial port supporting K-sequence and ASCII protocol
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