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High Speed Counter Interface Module for DL05 & DL06 PLCs

The High-Speed Counter I/O (H0-CTRIO2) module is designed to accept high-speed pulse-type input signals for counting or timing applications and designed to provide high-speed pulse-type output signals for stepper/servo motor control, monitoring, alarm or other discrete control functions.

The H0-CTRIO2 module offers great flexibility for applications that call for precise counting or timing, based on an input event or for high-speed control output applications.

The H0-CTRIO2 module has its own microprocessor and operates asynchronously with respect to the PLC/ Controller. This means the on-board outputs respond in real time to incoming signals so there is no delay waiting for the PLC/ Controller to scan I/O.

The H0-CTRIO2 module is designed to work with incremental encoders or other field devices that send pulse outputs.

You can use the H0-CTRIO2 module with any of the DL05 or DL06 PLCs.

H0-CTRIO specifics:

  • 4 High-speed DC inputs (NPN/PNP)
  • 2 High-speed outputs (NPN/PNP)
  • Max. 250 kHz counting frequency
  • Max. 250 kHz output frequency



250 KHz High-speed counter module

Specifications of the H0-CTRIO2:

  • 4 DC PNP/NPN (sink/source) inputs, 9-30VDC
    Supported input functions:
    • 1 quadrature encoder counters up to 250KHz or....
    • 2 single channel counters up to 250KHz, and 2 high speed discrete inputs for Reset, Inhibit, or Capture

  • 2 isolated NPN/PNP (sink/source) DC outputs, 5-30VDC / 0.5A per point
    Supported output functions:
    • 2 independently configurable high speed discrete outputs or...
    • 1 channel pulse output control, 20Hz-250KHz per channel, pulse and direction or cw/ccw pulses

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Removable terminal block (European style)
doc380, doc355, doc371, doc367, doc368, doc833

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