With the latest CLICK software release, version 2.30, it is possible to use the DC inputs as High Speed inputs. The following CPU models supports this new function: C0-10DxxxE-D, C0-11DxxxE-D and C0-12DxxxE-D. The setup is easily done from the new “High Speed Input Configuration”.


Also existing models can easily be upgraded, just by downloading the new CLICK programming software and update the PLC with the new firmware. The new firmware is part of the programming software and can be downloaded for free by clicking this link.

The High Speed inputs supports the following features:

  • High speed counting and interval/duration/frequency measurement
  • Counting: Up, Down, Up/Down, Pulse/Direction, Quadrature (with Z)
  • Measurement Intervals (Edge-Edge), Duration (High/Low), Frequency (Hz/RPM)
  • Preset Table to Trigger Outputs or Call Interrupt Programs
  • 100 kHz Inputs

The complete line of CLICK Ethernet PLC’s which supports the new High Speed input can be seen by clicking this link.