In 2022, Weintek introduced the iR-ETN40R. An expandable Ethernet remote I/O module,
that is simple and easy to integrate into your application.iR ETN40P v1
In response to the increasing demand for high-speed outputs, we are proud to unveil the iR-ETN40P,
specifically designed to support high-speed outputs.

Despite its compact design, the iR-ETN40P combines links with high-speed digital inputs and outputs,
while retaining the flexibility to add additional I/O modules. In addition to its technical properties,
the use of iR-ETN40P is also low cost.

iR-ETN40P Specifications:

Inputs: 24 of which 4 High Speed ​​PNP inputs
Outputs:16 NPN
High Speed ​​outputs: 2 NPN
Data transfer rate: 10/100 Mbps

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