Due to the increasing demand for EtherCAT, Weintek has added a new communication coupler to the Weintek Remote I/O program, the iR-ECAT.

With the iR-ECAT the I/O modules of the iR-series can now also be connected to an EtherCAT network. The iR-ECAT is an EtherCAT slave which easily can be controlled by an EtherCAT master controller. An ESI file (EtherCAT Slave Information file) is available for easy integration into PLC programming environments such as CODESYS.

Advantages of the iR-ECAT module:

  • The module has 2 Ethernet ports, so no additional Ethernet switches or hubs are required.
  • Compact design.
  • Real-time communication by using the EtherCAT protocol.
  • Can be extensively combined with I/O modules from the iR-series.

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