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Weintek 4.3" touch HMI

The cMT2058XH is equipped with A17 quad-core CPU, the cMT X Series has 4 times more computing power, and even 12 times more graphics processing power thanks to its high performance dedicated 3D processor. For users who adopt “cMT HMI + CODESYS controller” solution, the powerful processor ensures that cMT X Series delivers swift and smooth operating experience even with CODESYS running.
Weintek HMIs are designed to operate in harsh working environments.


  • Connects to more than 300 different protocols/devices (i.e. PLCs, Inverters, etc.)
  • Can communicate with different devices/protocols at the same time
  • Multiple Weintek operator panels can be daisy-chained
  • Pass-through function (program PLC through HMI connection)
  • Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Remote monitoring and control of multiple cMT HMIs by using a tablet or smartphone
  • Internet Of Things (IOT) connectivity
  • World-wide access to HMIs with EasyAccess (Optional)


  • Control the cMT unit using the cMT Viewer app on your PC or Tablet/Phone (Android/IOS)
  • Three users can connect at the same time independend from each other
  • Multiple security levels
  • Extensive graphics library
  • Data logging
  • Alarm handling
  • Recipes
  • E-mail
  • Trend display
  • Dynamic drawing/scaling
  • Multi language support
  • Time synchronization
  • Barcode scanning
  • Macro support for the creation of complex functions
  • Offline/online simulation
  • And much more...

The EasyBuilder Pro configuration software is available as a FREE download.

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