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Isolated RS232C to RS422/RS485 converter

The FA-ISOCON isolated network adapter is used to place PLCs, operator interfaces, industrial computers, etc. on an RS422/ RS485 multidrop network.

This network adapter is similar to our other RS232/ RS422 converters, but it offers the added benefit of network isolation.

FA-ISOCON specifics:

  • Switch selectable for ANTE (Automatic Network Transmitter Enable) or RTS/CTS handshaking
  • Works with all DirectLogic PLC families and virtually any serial device
  • Isolation reduces network data problems caused by noisy environments
  • Powered directly from the 5V pins on most DirectLogic CPU ports, from a PLC base 24 VDC power supply, or from an external power supply
  • Cables and connectors to most COM ports (RJ12, 9-pin D-shell female, 25-pin D-shell male) provided
  • Integral DIN rail clamp or can be panel mounted
  • Manual included with product



Isolated RS-232C to RS-422 / RS-485 converter

Specifications of the FA-ISOCON:

  • Max. network distance: 4000 feet (1219m)
  • Max. number of devices: 32 per network
  • Max. baud rate: 115.2 Kbaud
  • Supply voltage: 5VDC @ 100mA max. (from CPU) or 24VDC @ 70mA (external source)
  • Max. driver load: 62 ohms
  • Driver voltage: ±1.5V minimum
  • No load current: 80mA
  • Max. current: 100mA (62 ohms)
  • Isolation resistance: >1014 ohms/7pF
  • Voltage withstand: 1.2KVrms/1s, 1.0KVrms/1 minute
  • Operating temp: 0 to 60ºC (32 to 140ºF)
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