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Isolated high-speed RS-485 repeater

The I-7510/I-7510A provides 2-way optical isolation between one piece of RS-422/RS-485 equipment and the rest of the system. It can also be used as a repeater to extend the transmission of an existing network. Additionally, an RS-485 system can be expanded beyond the 256 node limitation imposed by the standard. It can also be used to convert a four-wire RS-422 signal into a 2-wire RS-485 signal, and vice versa.

The I-7510AR is exactly the same as the I-7510A, except for the isolation site. The isolation site of the I-7510A is located in the input interface circuit, but the isolation site of the I-7510AR is located in the input and output interface circuit. In other words the I-7510AR is 3-way isolation repeater module.

This product is compatible with: ADAM-4510, Expert EX9510, NuDAM ND-6510, NDAM-7510



Industrial RS-485 repeater, 2-way 3000VDC isolation

Specifications of the I-7510:

  • Input: RS-485 2-wire
  • Output: RS-485 2-wire
  • Speed: auto switching baud rate, 300~115200 bps
  • Internal "Self Tuner"
  • Isolation: 3000V RMS (two way)
  • Operates on 10~30VDC
doc1051, doc1086, doc1085

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