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Isolated RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter

Most industrial computer systems provide standard RS-232 serial ports. Though widely accepted, RS-232 has limited transmission speed, range, and networking capabilities. The RS-422 and RS-485 standards overcome these limitations by using differential voltage lines for data and control signals, which transparently converts RS-232 signals into isolated RS-422 or RS-485 signal with no need to change any hardware or software. The I-7520/I-7520A lets you easily build an industrial grade, long-distance communication system using standard PC hardware.

The design of the isolation between the I-7520 and the I-7520R/AR is different. If the user wants to supply power from the PLC/PC, the I-7520R/AR should be used, otherwise the isolation will be broken.

This product is compatible with: ADAM-4510, Expert EX9510A, NuDAM ND-6510, NDAM-7510A



Industrial RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter, 3000V isolation on RS-485 side

Specifications of the I-7520AR:

  • Input: RS-422/485
  • Output: RS-422/485
  • Speed: auto switching baud rate, 300~115200 bps
  • Internal "Self Tuner"
  • Isolation: 3000V RMS on RS-485 side
  • ESD protection for the RS232 / RS-433 / RS-485 data line
  • Operates on 10~30VDC
doc1057, doc1086, doc1085

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