Weintek HMI Products


From basic functionality to IIOT advanced features, our selection of Weintek HMIs provides a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether your task is to seek out the best pricing on the market or to obtain a robust controller for a complex project, we have the HMI you need.

We have the following series available:

iE-Series/mTV: This is our most popular serie and has some unique software features: data handling, security, remote access, recipe management, email notifications and more.

XE-Series/eMT-Series: Equipped with an aluminium enclosure this serie is optimal for industrial control applications in harsh environments. Most of the models are equipped with a CANBUS port.

cMT-Series: The cMT Series makes it easy to monitor/control industrial processes from remote devices such as PCs, smart phones and tablets.

For a complete overview of the differences between the Weintek models we have made comparision than can be downloaded here...

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