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Koyo D0-05DA PLC
Koyo D0-05DA PLCKoyo D0-05DA PLC

AC-powered Koyo DL05 micro PLC with 8 DC inputs and 6 AC outputs

The DL05 micro PLC family includes eight different models. Each has eight inputs and six outputs in the base unit.

The DL05 has one option module slot, which can be used to expand the I/O count, provide additional communications capability or add a real-time clock and battery back-up.

D0-05DA specifics:

  • 8 DC inputs (NPN/PNP)
  • 6 AC outputs (17~240 VAC)
  • AC power input (95~240 VAC)


  • 120 Instructions including math and data manipulation
  • 4 Auto-tuning PID-loops
  • Removable terminal block



8 DC (PNP/NPN) in / 6 AC out micro PLC, 95-240V AC power supply

Specifications of the D0-05DA:

  • Inputs:
    8 DC inputs, 12-24 VDC PNP/NPN (current sinking/sourcing), 2 isolated commons
    First 3 inputs are configurable in one of several high-speed I/O features such as 5KHz counter input, pulse catch input, or interrupt input
  • Outputs:
    6 AC outputs, 17-240VAC, 0.5A/pt, 2 isolated commons
  • Memory:
    6K words* total memory (2048 words program (Flash), 4096 words data)
    User data is retained by built-in super-capacitor for up to 3 weeks
  • Programming language:
    Ladder Logic and SFC (Sequential Flowchart) programming
  • Communications:
    2 built-in RS232C communication ports.
    Secondary communications port supports DirectNET Master/Slave, MODBUS RTU Master/Slave, and ASCII In/Out
  • Expansion:
    1 slot for I/O or specialty module
  • Supply voltage:
    95~240 VAC

* 1 Word = 2 Bytes

doc380, doc317, doc364, doc365, doc366, doc829, doc831, doc1240

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