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DL05 Memory cartridge

The D0-01MC memory cartridge slides easily into the option card slot in any DL05 PLC to back up PLC programs and data for extended periods of time.

Battery-backed program and data memory protects data during extended power removal. If you need longer retention of program data, we recommend the D0-01MC.We also recommend the D0-01MC for applications that require transferring programs without a programming device or that require a real-time clock. The real-time clock/calendar is useful for event scheduling or data logging applications.

Upload/ download from cartridge to local memory allows quick CPU program loading without the need for software or a handheld device.



Removable memory cartridge, adds 32K battery backed CMOS RAM, external upload/download controls, and a real time clock/calendar

Specifications of the D0-01MC:

  • 32K words battery backed CMOS RAM
  • Program upload/download with external controls
  • Real time clock/calendar
  • Compatible only with DL05 CPU units

Note: This product is covered in the DL05 User Manual.

doc380, doc318, doc365, doc366

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