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Do-more Designer

Do-more Designer is the full-featured programming software for the Do-more PLC series.

Do-more Designer has the following main features:

  • Supports the Do-more PLC instruction set
  • Project Browser (Window to organize the user project)
  • Data View (Interface to monitor PLC data in a list)
  • Trend View (Interface to monitor PLC data with trend graphs)
  • PID View (Interface to monitor and tune the individual PID control loop)
  • PID Overview (Interface to monitor multiple PID control loops)
  • Debug View (Interface to debug the ladder programs)

When Do-more Designer is installed on your PC, the following tools are also installed:

  • Do-more Simulator (Offline simulator of ladder program execution and PID control)
  • Do-more Logger (Software tool to log PLC data)
  • ERM Workbench (Configuration tool for the ERM modules)
  • NetEdit 3 (Configuration tool for the ECOM/EBC Ethernet modules)

Do-more Designer is available as a free download. A CD-ROM version is also available for purchase.

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