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CPU for DL305 series PLC

The D3-350 is the most powerful DL305 CPU. It is a spin-off of our two most powerful CPUs, the D4-450 and D2-250(-1). It is plug-compatible with older bases, as well as analog and discrete I/O modules. The instruction set and I/O numbering scheme are similar to our DL05, DL105, DL205 and DL405 PLCs.

The communications capabilities have also been greatly enhanced to now include RS422 Remote I/O, MODBUS Master and Slave protocols, as well as our own DirectNet and K-Sequence protocols.

D3-350 specifics:

  • 7.4k words program memory
  • Max. 368 I/O
  • 4 auto-time PID loops
  • Floating-point math
  • 2 communication ports
  • Remote I/O support



CPU 7.4k words program, auto-tuning PID & floating point math

Specifications of the D3-350:

  • Memory: 14.8k words* total (7680 words program (Flash), 7168 words data)
  • Programming language: Ladder Logic and SFC (Sequential Flowchart) programming
  • Features:
    • 129 instructions including floating point math and data manipulation
    • 4 Auto-tuning PID-loops
    • Real time clock/calendar
    • User data is retained by built-in super-capacitor for up to 3 weeks (5 years with optional battery)
  • Communications: 2 built-in RS232C communication ports.
    Secondary communications port supports RS232C/RS422, Remote I/O Master, DirectNET Master/Slave, MODBUS RTU Master/Slave, and ASCII In/Out
  • Maximum physical I/O capacity: 368

* 1 Word = 2 Bytes

doc703, doc706, doc787, doc786, doc829, doc831, doc1240

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