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OPTOMUX Bridge CPU for DL305 series

The F3-OMUX-x CPU plugs into the first slot of a DL305 base. It acts as a serial interface to the control program in the host computer and up to 184 DL305 I/O per CPU. Multiple CPUs can be daisy-chained together to increase I/O count.

The host computer must use an OPTOMUX serial communication driver. The host can execute a custom program or use a standard software package that supports OPTOMUX drivers such as Intouch-Wonderware, Iconics-Genesis, U.S. Data FactoryLink, MetraSkyhawk Lt, etc.

F3-OMUX-2 specifics:

  • 2 isolated serial ports that support the OPTOMUX protocol
  • Max. 184 I/O points per CPU

This product is equivalent to: Texas Instruments / Simatic TI: 305-OPTO



OPTOMUX Bridge CPU, 2 isolated RS422/485 ports

Specifications of the F3-OMUX-2:

  • Interfaces DL305 I/O modules to a host computer with an OPTOMUX™ compatible driver
  • Place in first slot of I/O base (instead of "normal" ladder logic CPU)
  • 2 isolated RS232C/RS422/RS485 ports
  • Maximum of 184 I/O points per CPU (with expansion base unit)
  • Scan time is dependent on the communication speed, number of commands sent, type of commands sent, the size of the response and the speed of the host computer
  • Custom cable required


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