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DC Powered expansion unit for DL405 PLC

The expansion units are only necessary when you want to use local expansion. They are installed in the
CPU slot of the expansion bases. They appear very similar to CPUs, but they only contain a power supply.

One of the most often asked questions for the DL405 family is, “Does the CPU consume an I/O slot?”
The answer is no. The CPU has a special slot in the base and does not consume any of the available I/O slots. The same is true for Expansion Units (D4-EX and D4-EXDC) and the Remote Slave Units (D4-RS).

D4-EXDC specifics:

  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC
  • Requires I/O expansion cable D4-EXCBL-1 or D4-EXCBL-2

This product is equivalent to: Texas Instruments / Simatic TI: 405DC-IOEX

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