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Data communications module for DL405 PLC

All DL405 CPUs offer at least two built-in communication ports (The D4-450 even has four ports).
However, if even more communication ports are needed, additional Data Communication Modules can be added.

The DCM module is primarily used for three purposes:

  • Extra general purpose communications port to connect a personal computer, operator interface, etc.
  • Network interface to a DirectNET network
  • Network interface to a MODBUS RTU protocol

This product is equivalent to: Texas Instruments / Simatic TI: U-01DM



Data communications module

Specifications of the D4-DCM:

  • Master/slave on a DirectNet Network
  • Slave on a MODBUS RTU Network R
  • S232C/RS422 communications
  • 38.4K baud max.
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