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8-pt. Interrupt module for DL405 PLC

The D4-INT is an 8-point interrupt module.

This module is intended for applications that have a high-priority event that requires special operations to be performed. When this high priority event occurs, the interrupt module senses a DC level input signal. The module automatically informs the CPU to interrupt its present operation. The CPU immediately suspends its routine scan cycle and jumps to a subroutine identified with that particular interrupt input signal point.

The CPU then executes the logic in the subroutine (subroutines can even use immediate I/O instructions to immediately read and write I/O points if a time-critical update is necessary). When the subroutine is complete, the CPU automatically resumes its routine scan cycle starting at the exact location where it was interrupted. The CPU continues the routine scan until another interrupt signal is sensed.

This product is equivalent to: Texas Instruments / Simatic TI: U-01NI



8 pt interrupt module

Specifications of the D4-INT:

  • Provides up to 8 prioritized hardware interrupts to the CPU (.067 ms/pt.)
  • 12-24 VDC
  • PNP/NPN (current sinking sourcing), selectable per input
  • Maximum modules per system: 1 for D4-430, 2 for D4-440/D4-450
  • Inputs not used for interrupt inputs can be used as normal inputs
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