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Ethernet base controller for DL405 PLC

Use EBCs for PC-based control and for Hx-ERM remote I/O slaves.

The H4-EBC Ethernet Base Controller modules (EBC) provides a low-cost, high-performance Ethernet link between DL405 I/O and your PC-based control system or DL205/ DL405 CPUs using the Hx-ERM module for remote I/O.

The H4-EBC module supports industry standard 10 Base-tT Ethernet connections using TCP/IP or IPX protocols for flexible PC communications.




Ethernet base controller 10 Base-T

Specifications of the H4-EBC:

  • Install in CPU slot of a DL405 base
  • Supports 10Base-T connections to H2/H4-ERM or PC–based controllers supporting IP/IPX protocol
  • Supports Discrete and Analog I/O only
  • Serial port for operator panel, ASCII In/Out, etc. (serial port not supported when used with H2/H4-ERM module)
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