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Ethernet Communications Module for DL405 PLC

The H4-ECOM100 Ethernet Communication Modules represent a price breakthrough for high-speed peer-to-peer networking of PLCs. No longer are you forced to designate a single PLC to be the network master.

Any PLC can initiate communications with any other PLC.



10/100 Base-T Ethernet network module

Specifications of the H4-ECOM100:

The H4-ECOM100 supports the industry standard MODBUS TCP/IP Client/Server protocol in addition to the standard IP and IPX protocols.
This allows a DL405 PLC with an H4- ECOM100 module to serve as a client (master) or as a server (slave) on a MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet network.
The H4-ECOM100 can actively issue MODBUS commands to other nodes or devices on the MODBUS TCP/IP network or simply respond to connected MODBUS TCP/IP clients.

  • Link your PLCs with PCs using industry standard MODBUS TCP/IP protocol connected through standard cables, hubs, and repeaters.
  • 10/100 Base-T (10/100 Mbps) auto-detect
  • Supported protocols: TCP/IP, IPX, MODBUS TCP/IP, DHCP, HTML configuration
  • The ECOM modules slide into any slot of DL405 base
  • Use Category 5 UTP cables which can be run up to 100 meters between nodes
  • Use repeaters to extend distances and expand the number of nodes
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