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Programmable isolated signal conditioner

The 884114 is a DIN-rail or wall mount universal signal conditioner and signal isolator for RTD, Thermocouple, Ohm, potentiometer, mA or voltage inputs.
The 884114 has current and voltage output.

The 884114 signal transmitter is programmable using the optional 884501 detachable display front with available help text. Parameters include process calibration, signal simulation, password protection and error diagnostics.

The 884114 signal conditioner provides linearized temperature measurement with an RTD or thermocouple sensor. Linear resistance measurement is converted to a standard current/voltage signal from devices such as solenoids, butterfly valves or potentiometers.

The 884114 is suitable for SIL 2 installations.



Programmable isolated signal conditioner, mA / V / Thermocouple / RTD / Ohm / Potentiometer input, mA / V output

884114 specifics:

  • Flexibility to accept mA, VDC, thermocouple, RTD, linear resistance or potentiometer signal types
  • Selectable input ranges and two point field scalability to handle hundreds of applications
  • Direct and reverse acting mA and VDC analog output signal
  • Universal supply voltage, 21.6 to 253 VAC or 19.2 to 300 VDC, polarity insensitive
  • 3-way isolation between input, output, and power
  • Auxiliary power supply output for 2-wire transmitters and 3-wire potentiometers
  • Easy-to-use detachable LCD programming/display module 884501 (Sold separately and required for programming)
  • Transfer configuration settings from one signal conditioner to another
  • LEDs indicate operation when display module is not installed
  • Integral 35mm DIN rail mounting adapter
  • Removable screw terminal blocks are keyed to ensure correct installation
  • UL508 listed, CE marked
doc1049, doc1042

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