Do-more BRX PLCs

The compact Do-more BRX PLCs offer outstanding features including built-in data logging, motion control, serial and Ethernet communication, an interchangeable (hot-swappable) communications port and integrated high-speed I/O.
Support for EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU and TCP, ASCII and custom protocols is also included. Designed as stand-alone controllers with expansion capabilities, these micro PLC units are available in four distinct form factors: M series (no onboard I/O), 10-point series, 18-point series and 36-point series.

All BRX PLC units have an additional slot for a hot-swappable Pluggable Option Module (POM). These POM modules are available in USB, Ethernet, RJ12 RS-232, 3-pin RS-485 and 3-pin RS-232 versions and allow for on-demand networking changes as communication needs change.

Terminal blocks not included, please order separated