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p304ads_1905147607P3-08RTD PAC3000 RTD input moduleP3-08RTD PAC3000 RTD input moduleP3-08RTD PAC3000 RTD input module

8 Channel RTD input module for Productivity3000 PAC

A variety of voltage and current analog I/O modules plus thermocouple and RTD input modules are available for use in local, expansion, and remote I/O bases.

Patent-pending LCD display on all analog modules for troubleshooting and easy access to analog values.

P3-08RTD specifics:

  • 8 RTD inputs
  • 16 bit resolution



8 ch RTD input, 16 bit resolution

Specifications of the P3-08RTD:

  • 8 RTD inputs
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Supported types:
    • Pt100, Pt1000, jPt100
    • 10 Ohm Cu., 25 Ohm Cu., 120 Ohm Ni.
    • Resistance ranges of 0-10,000 Ohm, 0-6250 Ohm, 0-3125 Ohm, 0-1562 Ohm, 0-781.25 Ohm, 0-390.625 Ohm, 0-195.3125 Ohm
  • Patent-pending LCD gives access to field signal values, as well as module and signal faults
  • No external 24 VDC required

Note: includes Terminal Block

doc591, doc621, doc643, doc636, doc637

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