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CPU for Productivity2000

The Productivity2000 is a modular, rack-based system with a full lineup of discrete, analog and specialty I/O modules.
Offering high-performance, the CPU boasts 50Mb memory, fast scan times and five communication ports.
The P2-622 CPU features LED status indicators as well as a four line x 10 character high-resolution OLED diagnostic text display with keypad for status, configuration, system alarms and user-defined messages.
Five onboard communications ports, including Ethernet, USB and serial, support communications protocols including Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and ASCII.
A  USB C port provides plug-and-play connection for programming, online monitoring and firmware upgrades.

Features of the P2-622 CPU:

  • Plug-and-play USB programming (no converter cable needed)
  • Tag database and program documentation storage on-board the CPU!
  • Up to 32GB of data storage and portable program downloads on Micro SD card
  • High-speed Ethernet port for HMI and peer or enterprise networking (no separate Ethernet communications module needed)
  • Dual software-configurable serial ports (RJ12 and 4-pin) that support both RS232 and RS485
  • Programmable 4-line OLED text messaging display (including tag data) with keypad
  • Secure Web Server for fast easy access to your data

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