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Koyo H2-ERM-F Ethernet Remote Master fiber-optic module
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Koyo H2-ERM-F Ethernet Remote Master fiber-optic moduleKoyo H2-ERM-F Ethernet Remote Master fiber-optic module

Fiber optic remote I/O master module for DL205 and Do-more PLC

The Fiber Optic Remote Master H2-ERM-F connects DL205 and Do-more PLC systems to slave I/O over a 10Mbps high-speed Ethernet link.



Fiber optic remote I/O master module

Specifications of the H2-ERM-F:

  • Each ERM-F module can support up to 16 additional H2-EBC-F systems or 16 fully expanded H4-EBC-F systems. Of course, combinations are fine, too.
  • The ERM-F connects to your control network using fiber optic cables and can be run up to 2 kilometers. Use  fiber optic repeaters to extend distances and expand the number of nodes.
  • The PLC, ERM and EBC slave modules work together to update the remote I/O points. These three scan cycles are occurring at the same time, but asynchronously. It is recommended that critical I/O points that must be monitored every scan be placed in the CPU base.

Note: Module must be installed in a local base, with a D2-240, D2-250-1 or D2-260 in the CPU slot.

Note: Module is not supported by the D2-230 CPU

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